When you think of CVS, you think it’s just the corner pharmacy, a place to pick up prescriptions, ice cream and toilet paper. But CVS is much more than that. For the past few years, it’s been busy making changes that highlight their commitment to wellness for all. Now it’s time to tell everyone what it has been up to.

Director: Kathi Prosser

For social, we wanted to create a campaign that invites everyone treat themselves well. And yes, we get that it may not always seem doable to take the time because LIFE. But show up anyway. Even if it's just a 5 minute workout. Because YES, chasing the little babe around IS exercise. Treat yourself to a delicious smoothie, ADD the chocolate chips you're obsessed with. Treat yourself to cuddle sessions with your dog because yes, that too is good for your well being. Point is.. whatever “well” is for you, do it. Take it. You deserve it. You’re welcome. 

Shooting these were fun but intense! We captured enough footage for 15 spots and still photography for .com and in-store. So check back in a few, I’ll add them in.

But BRB for now, because I’m about to treat myself to a glitter face mask.