When this brief landed on my and my writer’s lap - it was too good to be true. Abbott, a healthcare company who makes products for blood transfusions, wanted to encourage more people to donate blood. So when we found out that Cristiano Ronaldo has not a single tattoo on his body, unlike many  athletes, we knew he was the perfect match for our cause. Curious to know how it was shooting the highest paid athlete? Read below after watching the video.

Director: Iain Crawford

Fast forward to 6 months later in Madrid.. where we were told 2 days before the shoot that instead of shooting at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, we’ll have to make do with the hotel next to CR’s house, also, we now only have 15 minutes with him instead of a full day, 7 minutes of which was dedicated to PR, and to top it all off… CR hurt his foot during practice, so he won’t be doing any footwork. Fun times!

So in the end, we only got footage of his head turning left, right, up and down. Bet you didn’t think that when you first saw the spot.

The video got over 2 million views on the day it was uploaded thanks to his many fans, I stopped counting after that.